Ireland is showing itself from it’s best site couple of days ago to change our mind not to move to Spain. And seems like since Mike left Ireland is in rage and punish with this really awful hail storm which goes on now for over 3 days!

What prevents me to move too? The car – we just can’t sell it. Everyone who we talk is saying that is the worst time of the year to sell a car and the offers we have gotten so far are just not plain acceptable. So I am staying until I mange to sell it.

It’s really nice car and we would sell it for a bargain but still not real interest whatsoever!

I kind of feel helpless but maybe you or someone you know is interested and if not maybe you want to help out and put up this sign at you local supermarket or gas station – I would sell Ireland wide and if it comes down to it even to the UK!

Check the car out: Used Skoda Fabia Bargain

It’s a PDF File so it will print out in a nice quality. If you got any suggestions or other idea please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you all!

P.S. If you are a movie buff – feel free to check out our brand new Movie Forum which we just added to Criticker – Movie Recommendation site.


Things with the Gardia area most of the time more relaxed, at least over here in the west ;)

skodia favie estate ireland

I am going to break the news – we are going to move to Valencia within the next 3 weeks. Ireland is a beautiful country but it is time to move on. We have been living in the middle of nowhere now for almost 1 1/2 years and we are ready to live in a city again.

We just got back from Valencia and we managed to find a place within just 9 days – Movers are scheduled and the first people are looking at our house tomorrow.

Will Ireland Blog die? No… not at all! I still have hundreds of pictures and stories I need to post and I will soon add an Ireland Forum and Ireland Link list. And I am trying to get more guest bloggers or basically give anyone the opportunity to write something about Ireland. Just email me if you are interested.

And in case you are looking for a great family car .. check out our Skoda Fabia Estate.



Frohe Weihnachten to you all. Thank you for reading my blog and for all the compliments on my photos. Every little comment gave me a creative ego boost. Hope you all have a great 2008.


One of the first things we did after we moved to Ireland was to sign up with an online DVD rental service, after checking out the local rental options (gas station: 7 Euros per night per movie or in Ballina it was 5 Euros!!!)

I found that Screenclick (it’s like Netflix) is the best option in Ireland. They have the fastest return on movies. We chose the 2 DVD plan and we basically always had a film at home to watch which costs €17.99 a month. With that option you get to watch 10 DVDs if you return them promptly.

How does it work? Well you sign up for an account (they are offering 2 free weeks to check out their services) choose your movies and usually within one day you will receive the DVD with a postfree return envelope. Just watch the movie and send it back anytime you want – no late fees. It’s easy and absolutely hassle free. Tons of movies to choose from and no stress returning a movie to the local rental store. This saves you gas and time.

How to pick good movies to watch? Well, some of you may know that I run a movie recommendation site called Criticker. Just rank 10 movies and our site will have a good idea what you like in movies. It’s free ;) !

Link: ScreenClick


I just love that photo – taken in Knock , County Mayo.

meteor show ireland

Photo: Antoon

Turn off the TV and step outside.

David Moore of Astronomy Ireland, says the Geminid meteor shower this weekend will put on an most eye-catching display of shooting stars. ’Everyone in Ireland can see the Geminids and you don’t need any telescopes or binoculars just normal eyesight.’ says Mr Moore.

Source and more Info: RTE




Doesn’t that first picture look like it’s from the sixties?

The Moore Street Market is a long-established Dublin tradition, and the stalls sell everything from electrical gear to fresh fruit, vegetable and fish. Mondays and Saturdays are probably your best bet for fresh items. There is no more authentic fruit and vegetable market in the city. The main stalls sell the food items but the Moore Street Market attracts all types who will sell you just about anything. From prams full of cigarettes to stalls stocking monster-sized chocolate bars: you name it, you can probably find it here. Just go listen to the banter for a real flavour of Dublin. Source

Xmas Link: Gift Guide 2007


Since I went to the Knock Shrine for the first time I put it on the must see for our visitors. So I have been back there pretty often. It kind of grows on me.

Here some more pictures of that to me at least bizarre spot in Ireland.









I piece of the original where the miracle happend.






Doesn’t he look like George W. Bush?


Now some religious merchandise:



Above Marias in one of those grave bowls.


Holy Water Holders.








Thoughts Aside: Usually travel agencies assemble exemplary vacation packages, complete with a discount hotel and really cheap airline tickets. This is because all year round, they keep their eye on airline tickets deals as well as other discounts. Most agencies often include cheap rental cars in their deals too.

Books on Knock Shrine: Amazon US / Amazon UK/Ireland



Don’t get swept away this weekend in case you are on the west coast. In the next couple of days, there are 14m waves predicted. Cool! Have to go out and snap some pictures.

More info here: RTE News

Shopping Tip: Everything 1 Dollar / 1 Euro

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