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Spain is an other country who got neglected from Apple. But it does look like that the iPhone will come out here in the next few month (May) but does anyone knows what the release date will be for Ireland? Will it ever come out and if so with what Mobile Phone Company. If you know or heard something please share with us.



So Friday was my last morning in Killala – County Mayo. The town I lived for 1 1/2 years. We wanted to be in the middle of nowhere right on the ocean. And Killala was everything we were hoping for. The time we had there we will never forgot. I stoped one when I was all packed up at the harbor street to take some moody pictures of foggy Killala Bay in the morning.



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If you live in County Mayo you probably have seen this poster around. I thought it was just an ad for a comedian or something but it turns out it’s for Liam Geddes from Ballina. He is in the final six of the Irish contestants for the Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade. Which I will attend as well, not as a singer but I will hopefully get tickets to see the show. Why? Well, my mom is from Serbia and I still have family in Belgrade and I always said … if Serbia ever wins the Eurosvision I will try to make it for the big event.

I was trying to find videos of Liam Geddes but had no luck. Or at least an MP3 of his song "Sometimes"! Any Idea?

Well, Good Luck Liam and in case you will be representing Ireland in Serbia, would you be up for an interview?

And I thought it meant fuck 🙂

It is not uncommon for school teachers and some members of the religious order to use the word ’feck’ as an expletive in Ireland thus demonstrating the word’s peculiarity in meaning to Ireland where it does not equate to the word ’fuck’ as many people outside Ireland tend to think. Source: Wikipedia

Saw this “cool” shirt in shop in Westport. Got some good irish expressions? Feel free to share them at the Ireland Forum.

See you later old feck.

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The small town of Killala has only a population of 750 people (was trying to research but every site said something else) but is home of 5 pubs. And even more surprising is that back in the days Killala had total number 9!

Tower Bar


Spacious pub with a lunch menu and music usually on Saturdays. It draws the young people in on the weekends.



I call it the no -name pub. There is no sign and from the outside you would not think it’s a pub. This is the definition of a local pub. If you are out of town you will most likely not end up here. Some people say you will get the best draft of Guinness in town or maybe even in whole County Mayo.

The Village Inn


This was my very first pub in Killala. So this one will always have a special place in my heart. There is always a fire going and can get really packed when an important game is on. The also serve food.

Golden Acres


Just recently renovated interior. Tons of pictures of the good old days to look at. Can get a little touristy. Their roast is delicious.

The Arch Bar


This is probably my favorite pub in Killala. Weekends are packed – all kinds of different people to talk to. Best craic I had was here.

One of the closed down pubs:


Got any pub pictures or reviews? Feel free to talk about them here: Irish Pub Reviews


Not sure if this is the case with every bank. But could it be that Irish Banks are trying to make it as hard as possible to wire money from your bank account?

I am just used to the services in Germany where you can wire money from your online banking account to almost every single bank account in the world. Here I have to fill out a form, drive to town, stay inline and then they even charge more for the wire. And then I have to beg in order to get a new form. When I ask for more than one form I get a "Computer says, NO!".

But thinking about it, it does kind of makes sense. Ireland has tons of guest works. Their purpose is to work super hard to make as much money while they are here as possible. What happens with the money … they either take it home with them once they leave or they are sending it back home. Which is their good right.

The irish economy would profit if that earned money stays as long as possible in Ireland – so it might get spend. So there for let’s don’t make it that easy for the money to leave our homeland.

Can that be true or is it just in my head? What do you think? Are there any irish banks allowing online money transfers?

Please join the Ireland forum: EU Money Transfers in Ireland


An other breathtaking winter moment. Was just walking down the street and thought this might be something worth taking a picture of.

skype ireland ireland skype

Finally! Skype offers now Irish Skype Numbers. You can get now a:

  • Cork (021)
  • Dublin (01)
  • Galway (091)
  • Limerick (061)
  • Waterford (051)

Number. When someone calls you under that number it will get redirected to your Skype Phone / Account. You actually have to live in these cities, which kind of sucks. Skype probably couldn’t get a better deal with the local telephone provider. I have a German SkypeIn Number with a Berlin predial. So if someone calls me from Berlin that person just pays like he is calling a local number.

Link: Irish Skype Numbers


I spent the last days to change the look of Ireland Blog and I also added 2 new features. Say hello to the brand new Ireland Forum and the new Interactive Ireland Map. There is not much happening on both sites but I hope people will start using them. If you got a new location for the map, feel free to let me know by posting something here.

Don’t be shy and be one of the first ones to start a topic at the new forum. I am excited to talk to you all.

The weather right now in County Mayo (and I bet in other parts as well) is plain crazy. First hail and then a snow storm I haven’t so far out here in Ireland.



And below a short break with sunny spills. But right now the snow storm is at it again.


This post is full of media – here a short video of the snow storm:


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