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    Spain is an other country who got neglected from Apple. But it does look like that the iPhone will come out here in the next few month (May) but does anyone knows what the release date will be for Ireland? Will it ever come out and if so with what Mobile Phone Company. If you know or heard something please share with us.


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    Finally! Skype offers now Irish Skype Numbers. You can get now a:

    • Cork (021)
    • Dublin (01)
    • Galway (091)
    • Limerick (061)
    • Waterford (051)

    Number. When someone calls you under that number it will get redirected to your Skype Phone / Account. You actually have to live in these cities, which kind of sucks. Skype probably couldn’t get a better deal with the local telephone provider. I have a German SkypeIn Number with a Berlin predial. So if someone calls me from Berlin that person just pays like he is calling a local number.

    Link: Irish Skype Numbers

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    I spent the last days to change the look of Ireland Blog and I also added 2 new features. Say hello to the brand new Ireland Forum and the new Interactive Ireland Map. There is not much happening on both sites but I hope people will start using them. If you got a new location for the map, feel free to let me know by posting something here.

    Don’t be shy and be one of the first ones to start a topic at the new forum. I am excited to talk to you all.

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    Before our move we were really concerned about getting stabile and fast broadband, but to our surprise it was not hard at all. And for the very first time in our moving history we got broadband on the promised day. WOW!

    It did take 3 weeks though, which is normal.

    We are with Digiweb – they seem to have the best price on DSL. Their broadband hasn’t been down yet… very good quality!!!

    My problem though with all DSL Providers here in Ireland (including Digiweb)is, that they offer don’t offer a real flatrate (they always have traffic allowance) Which is just not right.

    I Germany we paid €25 a month for 6MB sec connection with a real flatrate!!!

    Not fair.

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