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    Doesn’t that first picture look like it’s from the sixties?

    The Moore Street Market is a long-established Dublin tradition, and the stalls sell everything from electrical gear to fresh fruit, vegetable and fish. Mondays and Saturdays are probably your best bet for fresh items. There is no more authentic fruit and vegetable market in the city. The main stalls sell the food items but the Moore Street Market attracts all types who will sell you just about anything. From prams full of cigarettes to stalls stocking monster-sized chocolate bars: you name it, you can probably find it here. Just go listen to the banter for a real flavour of Dublin. Source

    Xmas Link: Gift Guide 2007


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    After a long hiking break we decided to do an other hike before it gets really cold here. This time we decided to hike the impressive Benbulben near Sligo.


    You climb up via Pinnacle Gully which you can see on the image above. Very Steep and somewhat dangerous.


    Tons of these little mushrooms on the way. Anyone knows which this is?


    Getting closer to the top … SPOOKY!


    First stop and really near to the top. The first climb is the hardest and toughest part. Make sure you have decent footwear. One slip and you are gone. I am not kidding! But it feels so good being up there.


    You can see the ocean.


    And up the last part through a narrow stone passage way


    This was the coolest part of the hike the Pinnacle Gully!


    Up on the plateau.


    Glencar lake aka Lough an Chairthe is down there.


    More plateau .. tons of tiny rivers on the way.



    This was nice too. A bucket cable system which got used but coal mines further north.


    Pretty steep, he?


    What is he doing? NO!


    Haven’t seen him, ever since. Crazy Bastard.

    This hike is also from this awesome Atlantic Hill Walk Book available at Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Deutschland. It was the Number 8 Hike called : The Glencar Escarpment and took us 4 1/2 hours.

    Do you have Ireland Stories you would like to see on the Ireland Blog? Please let me know. Enjoy!

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    Over the summer I took plenty of pictures but I neve came around posting them. Today a post about the Signal tower on Belmullet which is located on the north/eastern tip of the peninsula.








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    We are still discovering cool things nearby were we live. This post is about Claggan Point (near Bangor) which can only get reached by walking or by driving by car over the beach. Fun.

    But first a nice shot of Doohooma point which is south of Gweesalia (Gaoth Saile):


    And now the streets towards the beach to reach Claggan:


    As you can see Claggan Point is just connected by a small strip of beach and dunes.


    On the left is the more beautiful beach facing Achill Island:


    In the distance you can see Achill.



    That beach was awesome and there are tons of shells and weird things to find … like this:


    Chucky liked it:


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    The Cliffs of Moher are just one hour from Galway and the drive will take you through the beautiful landscape of the Ireland’s Burren. On clear day you can even see the cliffs from the Aran Islands. It’s a worth a trip but be aware that they charge you for parking but the Cliffs themselves are free. Free and almost as impressive are the Kilcummin Cliffs, Cliffs of Croaghaun or even Downpatrick Head.

    More pictures of the Cliffs of Moher:







    Don’t ask … no idea what’s up with her … just weird little lady!


    Nobody was paying attention to the sign.


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    More Pictures from Missy, this time from the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland:

    causeway honeycomb

    tiny causeway giants hill

    the giants causeway

    Ireland causeway stones


    Giants Causeway cliffs

    Cliffs near

    dunsverick Castle

    Above used to be Dunsverick Castle.

    Dunluce castle

    And this is Dunluce Castle.

    The Giant’s Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns resulting from a volcanic eruption. It is located on the North East coast about 3 kilometres (2 miles) north of the town of Bushmills in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

    Source: Wikipedia

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    Went went to the Lacken Strand Horse Races .. I think it was 3 weeks ago. As you can see the horse race is right on the beach … well it’s more like a little bay which gets flooded when it’s high tide.

    It was a beautiful but very windy day. Can’t wait for the race next year.

    The Lacken strand races were revived in 1997 after a 44 year lapse, carrying on a century old tradition of horse racing on Lacken Strand. The last recorded races in 1953 were very different to the modern day races now held there. In 1953, horses would gather from the surrounding parishes. These mainly consisted of Connemara ponies and working farm horses which were Irish Draught and Half Bred in the main. Today’s racing is far removed to that of the 50’s with the horses and ponies being all thoroughbred and most of them coming from the top stables and the leading bloodlines in the country. Due to the ever-changing tidal conditions, the races take place towards the end of May each year.






    More info on the Lacken Strand Horse Race

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    This was the best restaurant we have been to since we live in Ireland. Not classic Irish Food but instead Thai. I had the Beef Salad as a starter and the Cashew Nuts Chicken Dish as main course and if you still have room try their fantastic chocolate fudge. Yummy! Love watching their cooks on the open kitchen.

    Link: Victoria Hall – Quay Road – Carrick on Shannon – Co. Leitrim Phone: 071 20320

    What is your favorite Restaurant / Pub ? Let me know!

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