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    Ireland is showing itself from it’s best site couple of days ago to change our mind not to move to Spain. And seems like since Mike left Ireland is in rage and punish with this really awful hail storm which goes on now for over 3 days!

    What prevents me to move too? The car – we just can’t sell it. Everyone who we talk is saying that is the worst time of the year to sell a car and the offers we have gotten so far are just not plain acceptable. So I am staying until I mange to sell it.

    It’s really nice car and we would sell it for a bargain but still not real interest whatsoever!

    I kind of feel helpless but maybe you or someone you know is interested and if not maybe you want to help out and put up this sign at you local supermarket or gas station – I would sell Ireland wide and if it comes down to it even to the UK!

    Check the car out: Used Skoda Fabia Bargain

    It’s a PDF File so it will print out in a nice quality. If you got any suggestions or other idea please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you all!

    P.S. If you are a movie buff – feel free to check out our brand new Movie Forum which we just added to Criticker – Movie Recommendation site.


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    pretty wii

    The Wii is now out for over a year and you would think that Nintendo managed to feed the demand on the Wii. Well it looks like there is a shortage again, especially if you are in Ireland.

    Last year I wrote about how to get a Wii for if you are in Ireland. And that post generated most hits from Google for the whole blog. Here are some search terms:

    Getting this high up on Google for those terms is extremely good and since there is more demand this year I did some more research to help you guys getting your fingers on the Wii.

    First off, we have the Wii almost for a year now and I must say the Wii is the most fun console I ever owned and I never grow tired. My favorite Game right now is Super Paper Mario:

    Anyway here are couple of ways to get your Wii for Xmas 2007:


    Good luck there … out of stock most of the times.

    Link: Argos

    Extra Vision:

    Acquire within stores, they do took orders last year. Not sure if they do it this year around.

    They have couple of used ones … but pretty expensive, ask the seller about delivery to Ireland upfront.


    World of Wonder:

    Check your local toy stores and maybe put your name down for them to call you back if they get some.


    I would not really recommend buying a Wii from Ebay UK … there are brand new consoles available but they cost 100 Euros more then in a store… but if you like feel free to take look around:

    Link Wii at Ebay UK

    Make sure the seller does send to Ireland and ask how much it costs before you are placing a bid.

    Better option thouh is Ebay Germany. You just have to buy a converter for the power plug and the Wii plus games (even the once you buy here) will work any problems. On Ebay Germany you will find a new Wii for around €250, again ask for shipping to Ireland upfront.

    Link: Wii at Ebay Germany

    A lot of Germans speak English so there is no deed to be afraid to drop the seller an email. Also make sure that you are no bidding on an empty box but if you see that a lot of people are bidding on it and the seller has a lot of great reviews I think you should be fine.


    Again Amazon UK is a hundred Euros more expensive then a if you would order from Amazon Germany. Both Amazon countries are out of stock fro Wiis but their marketplaces are offering Wiis (which is good because Amazon itself won’t ship to Ireland but all lot of other dealers under the Amazon Marketplace will – again read or write them before you place an order before you buy – so you know about their delivery charge)

    Link: Amazon UK & Amazon Germany

    Let me know of this was any help and also feel free to leave a comment if I forgot a source. Happy shopping though.

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    Warm weather is approaching and we really would like to buy a inflatable boat which fits 3-4 people.

    Tomorrow Lidl has an offer at some selected stores:

    inflatable lidl boat

    Comes in a whole set with paddles and motor, etc and apparently holds 2 people … well maybe two leprechauns but not 2 grown man. Even though the price of € 199 is very appealing.

    So I found this fella:

    Brig Baltic B310


    It’s 1400 Euro though!

    We just want to spend around 450 …!

    Now you come in .. any tips? Do you know someone who sells an used one? Wanna buy us a new one and we put your advertisement on it … we’d do it!

    Also feel free to leave links to Irish Boating sites … I will add them under this post as a resource for irish boat seekers.

    Let’s see ;)


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    Xmas was frustrating – You know I ordered the Wii from Germany and everything seemed to work out fine. My mom got the console on the 12th of December and was on the way to Ireland the very next day.

    I thought for sure that the Wii will get here before Xmas …. I mean for sure.

    Well it almost ruined our Holidays because it did not get here on time. Mega Bummer!

    The Wii got here yesterday and I am just happy right now that it even got here. I really thought someone snatched it away Angry Grinch style.

    After a couple of rounds of wiiing I forgot all the trouble, I am totally hooked now.

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    Update: Just wrote a new entry on how to get a Wii in Ireland for the xmas shopping season 207.
    Where to buy?

    If you are hoping to buy the spanking new Nintendo Wii and have it shipped before Xmas … you can basicly forget about it.

    Why is it always like that? Nintendo should know that the demand is huge, especially right before christmas.

    But I figured out 2 ways how to get your fingers on the Wii.

    1. – They actually have a bunch of the selling there – but of course you do have to shell out more than the actual retailer price… LINK

    2. Amazon Germany Dealers still have them in stock – there it’s the same … more expensive than the suggested retailer price.

    Any other ways?

    I did option number 2 … and have it shipped to my mom in Germany .. since they won’t ship directly to Ireland.

    Good Luck!

    Info:The Wii is a video game system that no one will forget.

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    Before our move we were really concerned about getting stabile and fast broadband, but to our surprise it was not hard at all. And for the very first time in our moving history we got broadband on the promised day. WOW!

    It did take 3 weeks though, which is normal.

    We are with Digiweb – they seem to have the best price on DSL. Their broadband hasn’t been down yet… very good quality!!!

    My problem though with all DSL Providers here in Ireland (including Digiweb)is, that they offer don’t offer a real flatrate (they always have traffic allowance) Which is just not right.

    I Germany we paid €25 a month for 6MB sec connection with a real flatrate!!!

    Not fair.

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    Out here in the north west of county Mayo I really find it hard to go grocery shopping – everything is pretty expensive (well, I know .. nobody asked me to move on an Island) but still – most of the time the stuff you can buy is not worth that much money.

    The day I found out that there is a Lidl near by – I almost cried. A Lidl? Drule!

    It’s not like Lidl is anything great but you can buy cheap wine and all the basics there are really cheap and their selection of vegetables are not bad either. And over 80% of the products I am familiar with, since Lidl is a German company. My tip though: stay away from the fresh meat – this is just my opinion.

    The Lidl I go to is always empty, almost no lines! The ones in Germany are always totally over run. And I always wonder why not more people shop at Lidl here.. there are barely an Irish shopping there … mostly foreigners and even some Germans!

    That’s why Lidl makes me feel like at home 🙂

    I subscribed to the Lidl Newsletter – and twice a week I get the latest products and they do have great stuff…


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