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    A found these great pictures taken by Fair View Design of the recent snow storm in Ireland and thought I had to publish them. The snow storm in Ireland I experienced will be stuck in my memories forever. It was my last month in Ireland and the heater war broken and it was weekend and nobody would come out to fix it.

    Anyways …. check out these stunning and magical snow images of Ireland (N.Ireland):


    snow in ireland

    ireland snowstorm

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    So Friday was my last morning in Killala – County Mayo. The town I lived for 1 1/2 years. We wanted to be in the middle of nowhere right on the ocean. And Killala was everything we were hoping for. The time we had there we will never forgot. I stoped one when I was all packed up at the harbor street to take some moody pictures of foggy Killala Bay in the morning.



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    The small town of Killala has only a population of 750 people (was trying to research but every site said something else) but is home of 5 pubs. And even more surprising is that back in the days Killala had total number 9!

    Tower Bar


    Spacious pub with a lunch menu and music usually on Saturdays. It draws the young people in on the weekends.



    I call it the no -name pub. There is no sign and from the outside you would not think it’s a pub. This is the definition of a local pub. If you are out of town you will most likely not end up here. Some people say you will get the best draft of Guinness in town or maybe even in whole County Mayo.

    The Village Inn


    This was my very first pub in Killala. So this one will always have a special place in my heart. There is always a fire going and can get really packed when an important game is on. The also serve food.

    Golden Acres


    Just recently renovated interior. Tons of pictures of the good old days to look at. Can get a little touristy. Their roast is delicious.

    The Arch Bar


    This is probably my favorite pub in Killala. Weekends are packed – all kinds of different people to talk to. Best craic I had was here.

    One of the closed down pubs:


    Got any pub pictures or reviews? Feel free to talk about them here: Irish Pub Reviews


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    An other breathtaking winter moment. Was just walking down the street and thought this might be something worth taking a picture of.

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    The weather right now in County Mayo (and I bet in other parts as well) is plain crazy. First hail and then a snow storm I haven’t so far out here in Ireland.



    And below a short break with sunny spills. But right now the snow storm is at it again.


    This post is full of media – here a short video of the snow storm:


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    Ireland is showing itself from it’s best site couple of days ago to change our mind not to move to Spain. And seems like since Mike left Ireland is in rage and punish with this really awful hail storm which goes on now for over 3 days!

    What prevents me to move too? The car – we just can’t sell it. Everyone who we talk is saying that is the worst time of the year to sell a car and the offers we have gotten so far are just not plain acceptable. So I am staying until I mange to sell it.

    It’s really nice car and we would sell it for a bargain but still not real interest whatsoever!

    I kind of feel helpless but maybe you or someone you know is interested and if not maybe you want to help out and put up this sign at you local supermarket or gas station – I would sell Ireland wide and if it comes down to it even to the UK!

    Check the car out: Used Skoda Fabia Bargain

    It’s a PDF File so it will print out in a nice quality. If you got any suggestions or other idea please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you all!

    P.S. If you are a movie buff – feel free to check out our brand new Movie Forum which we just added to Criticker – Movie Recommendation site.


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    Frohe Weihnachten to you all. Thank you for reading my blog and for all the compliments on my photos. Every little comment gave me a creative ego boost. Hope you all have a great 2008.

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    Doesn’t that first picture look like it’s from the sixties?

    The Moore Street Market is a long-established Dublin tradition, and the stalls sell everything from electrical gear to fresh fruit, vegetable and fish. Mondays and Saturdays are probably your best bet for fresh items. There is no more authentic fruit and vegetable market in the city. The main stalls sell the food items but the Moore Street Market attracts all types who will sell you just about anything. From prams full of cigarettes to stalls stocking monster-sized chocolate bars: you name it, you can probably find it here. Just go listen to the banter for a real flavour of Dublin. Source

    Xmas Link: Gift Guide 2007


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