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    Great images, great trad and a good story.

    From the filmer:

    While traveling through Ireland with Irish poet, James Kelly, we stopped in his home town of Ballybunion in County Kerry and visited his father. Later that day, inside DJ’s pub, papa Kelly sang a traditional Irish ballad in honor of his wayward son… I cut the song with some footage I shot of Ireland while traveling with James.

    Need sun in the winter?

    2010 Sale

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    I spent the last days to change the look of Ireland Blog and I also added 2 new features. Say hello to the brand new Ireland Forum and the new Interactive Ireland Map. There is not much happening on both sites but I hope people will start using them. If you got a new location for the map, feel free to let me know by posting something here.

    Don’t be shy and be one of the first ones to start a topic at the new forum. I am excited to talk to you all.

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    skodia favie estate ireland

    I am going to break the news – we are going to move to Valencia within the next 3 weeks. Ireland is a beautiful country but it is time to move on. We have been living in the middle of nowhere now for almost 1 1/2 years and we are ready to live in a city again.

    We just got back from Valencia and we managed to find a place within just 9 days – Movers are scheduled and the first people are looking at our house tomorrow.

    Will Ireland Blog die? No… not at all! I still have hundreds of pictures and stories I need to post and I will soon add an Ireland Forum and Ireland Link list. And I am trying to get more guest bloggers or basically give anyone the opportunity to write something about Ireland. Just email me if you are interested.

    And in case you are looking for a great family car .. check out our Skoda Fabia Estate.

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    meteor show ireland

    Photo: Antoon

    Turn off the TV and step outside.

    David Moore of Astronomy Ireland, says the Geminid meteor shower this weekend will put on an most eye-catching display of shooting stars. ’Everyone in Ireland can see the Geminids and you don’t need any telescopes or binoculars just normal eyesight.’ says Mr Moore.

    Source and more Info: RTE

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    Don’t get swept away this weekend in case you are on the west coast. In the next couple of days, there are 14m waves predicted. Cool! Have to go out and snap some pictures.

    More info here: RTE News

    Shopping Tip: Everything 1 Dollar / 1 Euro

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    Sorry for not posting in a while but I just got back from a trip to the US to visit my 2 month old niece. Today (well by now .. yesterday) was my first day back in Ireland and I went with my Mom to take walk around Aughris Head and there it was .. a fisher boat which got smashed against the cliffs just 2 hours before we got there. Nobody got hurt ….


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    Guess whom we saw today in Killala? Bertie Ahern was just walking down the streets to shake hands and to win couple of more votes before the election. He did shake Mike’s hand but not mine. Well he lost my vote … but he could make it up to me by showing up for some tea .. lol.

    Of course I didn’t have my camera on me. Was anyone else there and managed to snap a pic. If so … please let me know so I can post some.

    P.S…. I am not allowed to vote here anyways … so Bertie … it’s all good.


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    You probably remember this pictures from our trip to Moyne Abbey couple of weeks ago … I am taking everything back what I said about the Beware of the Bull Signs, after I read THIS!

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    We went to Down Patrick head 2 days ago and as you can see St. Patrick’s right hand is missing. Last time we went was in January so since then someone or something chopped down his hand.



    This amulet used to be around his right hand.


    The change is still there.


    The weather right now is amazing and well deserved .

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