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    One of the first things we did after we moved to Ireland was to sign up with an online DVD rental service, after checking out the local rental options (gas station: 7 Euros per night per movie or in Ballina it was 5 Euros!!!)

    I found that Screenclick (it’s like Netflix) is the best option in Ireland. They have the fastest return on movies. We chose the 2 DVD plan and we basically always had a film at home to watch which costs €17.99 a month. With that option you get to watch 10 DVDs if you return them promptly.

    How does it work? Well you sign up for an account (they are offering 2 free weeks to check out their services) choose your movies and usually within one day you will receive the DVD with a postfree return envelope. Just watch the movie and send it back anytime you want – no late fees. It’s easy and absolutely hassle free. Tons of movies to choose from and no stress returning a movie to the local rental store. This saves you gas and time.

    How to pick good movies to watch? Well, some of you may know that I run a movie recommendation site called Criticker. Just rank 10 movies and our site will have a good idea what you like in movies. It’s free ;) !

    Link: ScreenClick

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    Pooped myself!

    We just watched The Hills Have Eyes – really stupid flick but the very next day we drove out in the Irish middle of nowhere, for the last 20 Minutes we drove on that really tiny road which turned out to be a dead end. At least 5 trashed cars – some of them still had jackeds in them.. smashed windows. It was super storming and…


    … there were this little bridge leading to nomansland!

    In case you have seen the movie you know you would have pooped yourself as well.

    We got out of there as fast as we could.

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