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    Not sure if this is the case with every bank. But could it be that Irish Banks are trying to make it as hard as possible to wire money from your bank account?

    I am just used to the services in Germany where you can wire money from your online banking account to almost every single bank account in the world. Here I have to fill out a form, drive to town, stay inline and then they even charge more for the wire. And then I have to beg in order to get a new form. When I ask for more than one form I get a "Computer says, NO!".

    But thinking about it, it does kind of makes sense. Ireland has tons of guest works. Their purpose is to work super hard to make as much money while they are here as possible. What happens with the money … they either take it home with them once they leave or they are sending it back home. Which is their good right.

    The irish economy would profit if that earned money stays as long as possible in Ireland – so it might get spend. So there for let’s don’t make it that easy for the money to leave our homeland.

    Can that be true or is it just in my head? What do you think? Are there any irish banks allowing online money transfers?

    Please join the Ireland forum: EU Money Transfers in Ireland

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    skype ireland ireland skype

    Finally! Skype offers now Irish Skype Numbers. You can get now a:

    • Cork (021)
    • Dublin (01)
    • Galway (091)
    • Limerick (061)
    • Waterford (051)

    Number. When someone calls you under that number it will get redirected to your Skype Phone / Account. You actually have to live in these cities, which kind of sucks. Skype probably couldn’t get a better deal with the local telephone provider. I have a German SkypeIn Number with a Berlin predial. So if someone calls me from Berlin that person just pays like he is calling a local number.

    Link: Irish Skype Numbers

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    I spent the last days to change the look of Ireland Blog and I also added 2 new features. Say hello to the brand new Ireland Forum and the new Interactive Ireland Map. There is not much happening on both sites but I hope people will start using them. If you got a new location for the map, feel free to let me know by posting something here.

    Don’t be shy and be one of the first ones to start a topic at the new forum. I am excited to talk to you all.

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    One of the first things we did after we moved to Ireland was to sign up with an online DVD rental service, after checking out the local rental options (gas station: 7 Euros per night per movie or in Ballina it was 5 Euros!!!)

    I found that Screenclick (it’s like Netflix) is the best option in Ireland. They have the fastest return on movies. We chose the 2 DVD plan and we basically always had a film at home to watch which costs €17.99 a month. With that option you get to watch 10 DVDs if you return them promptly.

    How does it work? Well you sign up for an account (they are offering 2 free weeks to check out their services) choose your movies and usually within one day you will receive the DVD with a postfree return envelope. Just watch the movie and send it back anytime you want – no late fees. It’s easy and absolutely hassle free. Tons of movies to choose from and no stress returning a movie to the local rental store. This saves you gas and time.

    How to pick good movies to watch? Well, some of you may know that I run a movie recommendation site called Criticker. Just rank 10 movies and our site will have a good idea what you like in movies. It’s free ;) !

    Link: ScreenClick

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    After a long hiking break we decided to do an other hike before it gets really cold here. This time we decided to hike the impressive Benbulben near Sligo.


    You climb up via Pinnacle Gully which you can see on the image above. Very Steep and somewhat dangerous.


    Tons of these little mushrooms on the way. Anyone knows which this is?


    Getting closer to the top … SPOOKY!


    First stop and really near to the top. The first climb is the hardest and toughest part. Make sure you have decent footwear. One slip and you are gone. I am not kidding! But it feels so good being up there.


    You can see the ocean.


    And up the last part through a narrow stone passage way


    This was the coolest part of the hike the Pinnacle Gully!


    Up on the plateau.


    Glencar lake aka Lough an Chairthe is down there.


    More plateau .. tons of tiny rivers on the way.



    This was nice too. A bucket cable system which got used but coal mines further north.


    Pretty steep, he?


    What is he doing? NO!


    Haven’t seen him, ever since. Crazy Bastard.

    This hike is also from this awesome Atlantic Hill Walk Book available at Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Deutschland. It was the Number 8 Hike called : The Glencar Escarpment and took us 4 1/2 hours.

    Do you have Ireland Stories you would like to see on the Ireland Blog? Please let me know. Enjoy!

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    The Cliffs of Moher are just one hour from Galway and the drive will take you through the beautiful landscape of the Ireland’s Burren. On clear day you can even see the cliffs from the Aran Islands. It’s a worth a trip but be aware that they charge you for parking but the Cliffs themselves are free. Free and almost as impressive are the Kilcummin Cliffs, Cliffs of Croaghaun or even Downpatrick Head.

    More pictures of the Cliffs of Moher:







    Don’t ask … no idea what’s up with her … just weird little lady!


    Nobody was paying attention to the sign.


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    Do you have stories, photos or tips? Share them with us using this form. If you like I even open up Guest Blogger account so you have total control of your entries. In return I let you link back to your site in every entry you publish. Let’s make Ireland Blog a better Blog.


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    We finally managed to go to the Hot Seaweed Bath in Enniscrone which is just 30 Minutes from where we live. If you have a hangover, this is the perfect thing to do. I really enjoyed it.

    Plan at least one hour once you have your private room you can basically stay as long as you want.

    The therapeutic power of the Seaweed Bath is attributed to the high concentration of Iodine that occurs naturally in Sea Water and in Seaweed. In its growing process Seaweed extracts this Iodine from the surrounding Sea Water and concentrates it in its fronds to such an extent that some seaweeds have up to 20,000 times the concentration of Iodine of the water in which they grow.



    The Killcullen Bath House has either single or double private rooms.


    You start your bath session with a 5-10 minutes in this steam box.


    Then you step in the tub with seaweed. Stay at least 30 Minutes in it .. but as I say .. you are free to stay as long as you want. And you end the session with a cold seaweed water shower. See the second picture.


    It’s €20 for the single private room and €15 per person for the double.

    Seasonal Opening and Hours of Business:

    • Off Season

    1st November to 1st May

    Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

    Open everyday from St. Stephens day – New Years Day

    • High Season

    1st May to 30th October Daily 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

    Phone: (096) 36238 Fax: (096) 36895

    Link: Kilcullen Bath House

    Thoughts Aside: People today are much more concerned about their living room furniture and bathroom designs than ever before. Fancy bathroom designs and a jacuzzi at home is considered a status symbol now. Initially swimming pool was all the rage. But with a jacuzzi, you don’t need bathing suits.

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    We live in Ireland now for 6 month and we were hoping to find someone by then who would like to watch our cute little French Bulldog Girl once in a while. No she is not a fight dog. French Bulldogs are somewhat rare out here and we get the funniest reactions from people. On the one side … really, really scared (we have seen Chucky make grown up men jump just buy looking at her) and on the other people being very fascinated by her looks.

    Anyway – we travel pretty often and we would like to find someone in Mayo-Sligo-Westport-Ballina even Dublin or Shannon (Airport ;) ) who would like to take care of our dog. We would of course pay your or watch your dog in return.

    Why not just put her in Kennel? Well … she is not a Kennel dog at all and I would not enjoy my travelling imaging her being in one.

    And she is well behaved and house trained ;) .. of course

    If you know someone please forward that entry …

    Thank you all for reading.


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