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    Update: Just wrote a new entry on how to get a Wii in Ireland for the xmas shopping season 207.
    Where to buy?

    If you are hoping to buy the spanking new Nintendo Wii and have it shipped before Xmas … you can basicly forget about it.

    Why is it always like that? Nintendo should know that the demand is huge, especially right before christmas.

    But I figured out 2 ways how to get your fingers on the Wii.

    1. – They actually have a bunch of the selling there – but of course you do have to shell out more than the actual retailer price… LINK

    2. Amazon Germany Dealers still have them in stock – there it’s the same … more expensive than the suggested retailer price.

    Any other ways?

    I did option number 2 … and have it shipped to my mom in Germany .. since they won’t ship directly to Ireland.

    Good Luck!

    Info:The Wii is a video game system that no one will forget.

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