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    Of course I need to post something about this game the instant as I saw it. As you an see, I am not very lucky – the best what I could find was a three leaf clover ;)


    The four-leaf clover is among the commonest of North American lucky emblems and is an especially frequent image on good luck coins, and good luck postcards.

    But it takes a lot of effort to search for four-leaf clovers and you can find them among the other leaves, only if you have a sharp eyesight. In this challenging game you have to find 7 four-leaf clovers before the time runs out. Do it as quickly as you can to score maximum points and make it to the high score table.

    Move your Mouse through your garden to search for four leaf clovers and if you are fortunate enough to find them, Left Click on them to pluck them out. Also remember that if you pluck out 7 clovers which aren’t four leaved then you’ll lose the game. Good Luck…

    Link: Lucky Clover Game


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    Like Tissue

    Is it just me to notice that money, especially the 5 Euro note, over here looks like it got used to stuff holes in socks??? 😉

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    On Sunday we went to the Woollen Mills in Foxford, County Mayo and at first I was very skeptical – It was 7.50 € per person! But we managed to get a Family ticket even though it says it’s just for 2 adults and up to 4 kids…. I’d say we were 4 adults in that group. We asked to get the family and got it, which was nice.

    At first we went through some kind of outdated Disney ride ahh walk:

    Foxford Woollen Mills

    Foxford Woollen Mills

    To learn about the mill …the woollen mills were set up by the Sisters of Charity to help the people out in that area. At first it was kind of boring until that nun projection showed up – this was scary as hell and now the money was all worth it. Overall that tour was pretty interesting.

    They also have a showroom where they still have looms running – But not on Sundays …so we went back on Monday to see them:

    Foxford Woollen Mills

    Foxford Woollen Mills

    Foxford Woolen Mills

    Foxford Woollen Mills

    It was worth coming back an other time ….

    But the highlight was the Mills Shop … best souvenir shopping in county mayo. It’s almost worth to go there just for the shop. And yes the 4 of us spent tons of money there.

    Foxford Woollen Mills

    Opening times:

    May – October:    Monday – Saturday: 10am to 6pm

                                Sunday: Noon to 6pm

    November – April: Monday – Saturday: 10am to 6pm

                                Sunday: 2pm  to 6pm

    Foxford Wollen Mills Visitor Cenre: Tel: + 353 (0) 94 925 6756

    Photos by: jhfoto

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