Great images, great trad and a good story.

From the filmer:

While traveling through Ireland with Irish poet, James Kelly, we stopped in his home town of Ballybunion in County Kerry and visited his father. Later that day, inside DJ’s pub, papa Kelly sang a traditional Irish ballad in honor of his wayward son… I cut the song with some footage I shot of Ireland while traveling with James.

Need sun in the winter?

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"Trad from Ballybunion" was published on January 6th, 2010 and is listed in News.

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  1. Brian O'Shea wrote,

    A cozy pub, a creamy pint, and a tearful song, everything you could want. The videography was moving as well. I wonder if they know a Mr. Moriarty who lives across from the golf course, met him at the Tullamore Fleadh, nice fellow.

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