I am not a big Whiskey drinker but since a friend of ours introduced us to "Connemara – Peated Single Malt" Irish Whiskey I found my new favorite liquor. This is the best tasting whiskey I have tried. You can taste the smoky barrel, honey and if you take big sip you can even see the green hills of Ireland before you.

So I bought a bottle and put it one in our moving boxes, as a treat for us when they arrive here.

2 weeks late, the boxes are finally here and as you can see the bottle is cracked open. Cheers!

What is your favorite Whiskey – talk about it on the Ireland Forum.


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"Favorite Irish Whiskey" was published on March 6th, 2008 and is listed in Food and Drink.

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  1. Brian wrote,

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  2. Lakeland Florida wrote,

    Greetings from America! My mom lives in Milltown, County Kerry. I was fortunate enough to spend a week there this past February. Wow is it beautiful. I miss the Kerry Mountains. If I could find work over there I’d move out of this country in a heartbeat!

  3. Eugene wrote,

    I am seaching for some idea to write in my blog… somehow come to your blog. best of luck. Eugene

  4. dandiddlyan wrote,

    it’s been a long time since i drank any of that old foxy water, tis bad for the head, and the liver,kidneys, brain, pancreas, etc etc. it’s good for starting the fire though, but a bit pricey. By the way, i presume ‘Peated’ means they strain it through a sod of turf, mmmmm peaty!

  5. paul mott wrote,

    try the tyrconnell, it not expensive you can get it in dunnes stores for about 4-5 euro more than powers, its also smoky but is a triple distilled single malt. try a comparison with scotch malts like an cnoc. happy sippin.

  6. Markus wrote,

    I like irish Whiskey… but its expensive over here.
    Regards from Dungarvan IE

  7. larry kinneer wrote,

    On one of my trips to Ireland I stayed in Ballina. The folks at my bed and breakfast told me of a pub that had great music, so I went one night. Sorry to find out that it was American country music! But…I had recalled seeing a sign in a pub window in the city that advertised that there was to be a celebration with music honoring the mayor of a neighboring town. I searched for the pub, found it, and what a time. It was packed and festive and some of the best Irish music ever. There were no other Americans or other tourists in there. Since then, Ballina (which I found out I was pronouncing wrong) has a special place in my Irish/America heart.

  8. irishman wrote,

    You must study the meaning of Naker, Mucker, or Baller???

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    3. They love ignorance

  9. Ashok Jahnavi Prasad wrote,

    Heartiest felicitations leis an bhfoireann cruicéad Gaeilge!

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