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Spain is an other country who got neglected from Apple. But it does look like that the iPhone will come out here in the next few month (May) but does anyone knows what the release date will be for Ireland? Will it ever come out and if so with what Mobile Phone Company. If you know or heard something please share with us.


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"Iphone Ireland?" was published on February 27th, 2008 and is listed in Web/Tech.

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  1. delta214 wrote,

    March 14th

    8GB – €399
    16GB – €499

  2. delta214 wrote,

    With o2

  3. ireland blog wrote,

    Hello Delta – really?! Sweet – do you have a URL of that source for us?

  4. Nielo wrote,

    you post about it on wednesday and the news appear on thursday…


  5. Linda wrote,

    Neuseeland ist überraschenderweise endlich mit iPhones versorgt. Allerdings zu unglaublich hohen Preise
    8GB $979
    16GB $1129

    Anbieter ist Vodafone.

  6. Linda wrote,

    New Zealand was surprisingly the first country where the new 3G model was available (we had no iPhones at all before that)

    Provider is Vodafone, the phone itself is really expensive, though:

    8G $979
    16G $1129

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