The small town of Killala has only a population of 750 people (was trying to research but every site said something else) but is home of 5 pubs. And even more surprising is that back in the days Killala had total number 9!

Tower Bar


Spacious pub with a lunch menu and music usually on Saturdays. It draws the young people in on the weekends.



I call it the no -name pub. There is no sign and from the outside you would not think it’s a pub. This is the definition of a local pub. If you are out of town you will most likely not end up here. Some people say you will get the best draft of Guinness in town or maybe even in whole County Mayo.

The Village Inn


This was my very first pub in Killala. So this one will always have a special place in my heart. There is always a fire going and can get really packed when an important game is on. The also serve food.

Golden Acres


Just recently renovated interior. Tons of pictures of the good old days to look at. Can get a little touristy. Their roast is delicious.

The Arch Bar


This is probably my favorite pub in Killala. Weekends are packed – all kinds of different people to talk to. Best craic I had was here.

One of the closed down pubs:


Got any pub pictures or reviews? Feel free to talk about them here: Irish Pub Reviews


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"The 5 Pubs of Killala" was published on February 8th, 2008 and is listed in Food and Drink, Photography.

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Comments on "The 5 Pubs of Killala": 22 Comments

  1. Jenna wrote,

    I would kill for some fish and chips from The Village Inn again…!

  2. ireland blog wrote,

    Didn’t we eat at Golden Acres – can’t remember, it’s all melting to one memory now. 2 more days. XOXO

  3. john watters wrote,

    I lived in Killala for over a year and I enjoyed my guinness in the village inn. Hello to Aidan and all the boys.

  4. ireland blog wrote,


    have you been still around for the Arch Bar? Why did you stay just that short? We have stayed 1 1/2 years ourselves.

  5. abecedario wrote,

    nice pubs!

  6. Original Versions Films in Valencia | Hola Valencia Blog wrote,

    […] Mayo, Ireland: you have your good sides, but the movie-going experience isn’t one of them. Hordes of kids storming into the theater […]

  7. Beverly wrote,

    These are very interesting pubs. 5 pubs to 750 residents!? I was wondering if they make their own brew?

  8. Eilis wrote,

    i love the village in for the dinner and the laugh. but arch bar may be my future employment so its looking favourable at the moment

  9. ireland blog wrote,


    say hello to Shane from his former US/German neighbors. Good luck to you.

  10. Phil wrote,

    Was at the Tower Bar for a weekend, the best craic and superb food, great chef there, had the best fish and chips i’ve ever eaten. Will definitely be back

  11. daniela wrote,

    haven’t been to Killala for a view years, but hope to come back this summer for another
    great holiday and some beers in the Village Inn
    xoxo daniela & lothar

  12. Michelle wrote,

    Does May still run the Golden Acres……?

  13. Steve Blake wrote,

    No she does not, The goldens gave up the pub some years ago and it’s now run by Alan and Louise. We sadly had a bad fire there some months ago so it will take a little while to get back to its former glory. Still lots of characters and good craic there though…oh, and some Guiness too! 🙂 Everyone’s always welcome … past and new friends!

  14. xavier wrote,

    Do you remember the french who was in holidays at the house “the close” and in john’s house (xavier and maialen).
    We have drink a lot of beer in this pub!!!
    It was in 1994… With Helen gallagher, John, Hubert, Mary, jenna and all the youngers of killala.

    If you remember of that, I have some photos

  15. Mayo Man wrote,

    No May & Sean sold the pub around 3 years ago!

  16. Just an update wrote,

    Lynns Pub at the bottom of th hill has just opened again after it was renovated. Loads of craic and atmosphere just like it was befor it closed.

  17. eamon wrote,

    My mother was born here.We lived in Sligo. I went there a few times in the early fifties.Can remember the Round Tower, but not a clue about the pubs. Should love to see it again,but do not think it will happen.I remember my grandma smoking a white clay pipe.Wonder if anyone does that now.Slainte.

  18. Tommy wrote,

    Just to let ye all know The Arch Bar now has a wonderfull RESTAURANT upstairs Great food loads of fish dishes I beleive owner has his own boat The bar is extended but hasn t lost that great athmosphere Last Thursday night had beautiful meal upstairs at seven thirty then a wonderful surprise traditional music session going strong when we came down GREAT NIGHT .

  19. Jerome Twomey wrote,

    Add one more to the list David Lynn is back up and running again

  20. emily sweeney wrote,

    heya my mum and dad own the village in aidan and marie sweeney my brother dominick………………………i know a practicly own the pub but for lunch have whats……………..but if you were for a evening lunch i would recomend the fish and chips or the stake………..
    anyways if you come to the village inn enjoy………………

    and now the village inn own to apartments outside the pub …..if you want to stay call the village inn on 09632613

  21. xavier wrote,

    xavier wrote,

    Do you remember the frenches who was in holidays at the house “the close” and in john’s house (xavier and maialen).
    We have drink a lot of beer in this pub!!!
    It was in 1994… With Helen gallagher, John, Hubert, Mary, jenna and all the youngers of killala.

    If you remember of that, I have some photos

  22. Collette wrote,

    We enjoyed a great meal and music at a packed pub (all local families) on a Sunday evening in late September five years ago. It was the last week-end of the fishing season. We’d like to re-visit this month – is there still music on a Sunday and any other night??

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