I spent the last days to change the look of Ireland Blog and I also added 2 new features. Say hello to the brand new Ireland Forum and the new Interactive Ireland Map. There is not much happening on both sites but I hope people will start using them. If you got a new location for the map, feel free to let me know by posting something here.

Don’t be shy and be one of the first ones to start a topic at the new forum. I am excited to talk to you all.

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"New: Ireland Forum and Map" was published on February 3rd, 2008 and is listed in Helpful, News, Web/Tech.

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Comments on "New: Ireland Forum and Map": 2 Comments

  1. stephen courtney wrote,

    hey there..
    i am in the process of moving form los angeles to ireland.
    i really need some info regarding shipping containers and being able to ship my
    stuff to ireland as economically as possible.
    any ideas would be appreciated.

    looking forwad

  2. ciara bell wrote,

    I normally live in Ireland, the people are great, not so much anything else! Its a land of misery to an extent. we all try so hard, for what reason we ask??????

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