Ireland is showing itself from it’s best site couple of days ago to change our mind not to move to Spain. And seems like since Mike left Ireland is in rage and punish with this really awful hail storm which goes on now for over 3 days!

What prevents me to move too? The car – we just can’t sell it. Everyone who we talk is saying that is the worst time of the year to sell a car and the offers we have gotten so far are just not plain acceptable. So I am staying until I mange to sell it.

It’s really nice car and we would sell it for a bargain but still not real interest whatsoever!

I kind of feel helpless but maybe you or someone you know is interested and if not maybe you want to help out and put up this sign at you local supermarket or gas station – I would sell Ireland wide and if it comes down to it even to the UK!

Check the car out: Used Skoda Fabia Bargain

It’s a PDF File so it will print out in a nice quality. If you got any suggestions or other idea please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you all!

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"Last Days in Ireland" was published on February 1st, 2008 and is listed in Photography, Shopping.

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