Since I went to the Knock Shrine for the first time I put it on the must see for our visitors. So I have been back there pretty often. It kind of grows on me.

Here some more pictures of that to me at least bizarre spot in Ireland.









I piece of the original where the miracle happend.






Doesn’t he look like George W. Bush?


Now some religious merchandise:



Above Marias in one of those grave bowls.


Holy Water Holders.








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"Knock Shrine and good Weather" was published on December 5th, 2007 and is listed in Bizarre, Photography, Travel.

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Comments on "Knock Shrine and good Weather": 8 Comments

  1. Cindy wrote,

    Please do not insult anyone by saying they look like Bush no matter if they do on not. Thanks

  2. Martyn Prendergast wrote,

    Really like the pictures – God knows what Jesus would have made of Knock.

  3. POH wrote,

    Your first pictures of Knock are quite appealing and show the true meaning to many people, as illustrated by the lady praying & the young man lighting a candle. You then take upon yourself the opportinity to attack the Late Pope, highlight the donation to the shrine box (you must have really searched for that)followed up by the pious objects that are for sale in the local shops. You say it is a bizarre spot, I would say it is a special spot, Our Lady visited here. On your many visits to Knock, I am surprised at the attitude & picture you psint of this Pilgrim Site. May I suggest on your next visit that you sit down comfortably and take in the grace that happened in this village. Hopefully you will experience the magnitude of Knock & decent from your attacks on Ireland’s most valued treasure.

  4. ireland blog wrote,


    this is my point of view of Knock and as I may suggest I refer to the freedom of speech. Also, you should think about whom attacks whom!

  5. EddieL wrote,

    Your photos are good but I see no photo of the statues which represent the original apparition. If you look up “Knock shrine” in wikipedia you will a good photo of these very impressive statues.

  6. Patrick wrote,

    Hi, I really enjoyed your pictures of the shrine at Knock, Ireland. I was wondering if you had a hi res image of the very first picture at the top of the page (the one of the church) maybe you could email me? I have a very good friend from Ireland who would love to have a copy of that beautiful picture.

    Thank you very much.

  7. EddieL wrote,

    I have been visiting Knock Shrine for twenty years and your pictures describe exactly what you see at Knock except for the centre-piece which puts before us the four positive and essential elements of Christianity i.e. St Joseph – humility, Our Lady – prayer, St John – Scripture and the Law, the lamb on the altar – The sacrifice of the mass. (see “knock Shrine” for picture etc in Wikipedia)

  8. EddieL wrote,

    Your pictures describes exactly what Knock is like today except that you omitted the representation of the apparion (see Wikipedia “Knock Shrine”)at the following link

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