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The Wii is now out for over a year and you would think that Nintendo managed to feed the demand on the Wii. Well it looks like there is a shortage again, especially if you are in Ireland.

Last year I wrote about how to get a Wii for if you are in Ireland. And that post generated most hits from Google for the whole blog. Here are some search terms:

Getting this high up on Google for those terms is extremely good and since there is more demand this year I did some more research to help you guys getting your fingers on the Wii.

First off, we have the Wii almost for a year now and I must say the Wii is the most fun console I ever owned and I never grow tired. My favorite Game right now is Super Paper Mario:

Anyway here are couple of ways to get your Wii for Xmas 2007:


Good luck there … out of stock most of the times.

Link: Argos

Extra Vision:

Acquire within stores, they do took orders last year. Not sure if they do it this year around.

They have couple of used ones … but pretty expensive, ask the seller about delivery to Ireland upfront.


World of Wonder:

Check your local toy stores and maybe put your name down for them to call you back if they get some.


I would not really recommend buying a Wii from Ebay UK … there are brand new consoles available but they cost 100 Euros more then in a store… but if you like feel free to take look around:

Link Wii at Ebay UK

Make sure the seller does send to Ireland and ask how much it costs before you are placing a bid.

Better option thouh is Ebay Germany. You just have to buy a converter for the power plug and the Wii plus games (even the once you buy here) will work any problems. On Ebay Germany you will find a new Wii for around €250, again ask for shipping to Ireland upfront.

Link: Wii at Ebay Germany

A lot of Germans speak English so there is no deed to be afraid to drop the seller an email. Also make sure that you are no bidding on an empty box but if you see that a lot of people are bidding on it and the seller has a lot of great reviews I think you should be fine.


Again Amazon UK is a hundred Euros more expensive then a if you would order from Amazon Germany. Both Amazon countries are out of stock fro Wiis but their marketplaces are offering Wiis (which is good because Amazon itself won’t ship to Ireland but all lot of other dealers under the Amazon Marketplace will – again read or write them before you place an order before you buy – so you know about their delivery charge)

Link: Amazon UK & Amazon Germany

Let me know of this was any help and also feel free to leave a comment if I forgot a source. Happy shopping though.

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  1. OSoNY wrote,

    Your about page doesn’t work. Was curious where you moved to Ireland from and why. I used to live there and am now here in the states. Went to Trinity College and lived in Cork for 13 years. Went to school in Midleton. Now I am in upstate NY. My whole family misses Ireland a lot. I think my brother would like to go back and live there again. We have been tempted to just leave here and go back due to the politics and health care situation in the US. But we won’t. Our kids are teens and i lived in Ireland way before they were born.

    I also have a home/farm/family site here:

  2. ireland blog wrote,


    great to hear from you 😉 .. yeah, I never got around to set up the about page. I should I know …

    I am Germany, lived in Cambridge, MA moved back to Berlin in live in Mayo since last year.

    Love your site.

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