After a long hiking break we decided to do an other hike before it gets really cold here. This time we decided to hike the impressive Benbulben near Sligo.


You climb up via Pinnacle Gully which you can see on the image above. Very Steep and somewhat dangerous.


Tons of these little mushrooms on the way. Anyone knows which this is?


Getting closer to the top … SPOOKY!


First stop and really near to the top. The first climb is the hardest and toughest part. Make sure you have decent footwear. One slip and you are gone. I am not kidding! But it feels so good being up there.


You can see the ocean.


And up the last part through a narrow stone passage way


This was the coolest part of the hike the Pinnacle Gully!


Up on the plateau.


Glencar lake aka Lough an Chairthe is down there.


More plateau .. tons of tiny rivers on the way.



This was nice too. A bucket cable system which got used but coal mines further north.


Pretty steep, he?


What is he doing? NO!


Haven’t seen him, ever since. Crazy Bastard.

This hike is also from this awesome Atlantic Hill Walk Book available at Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon Deutschland. It was the Number 8 Hike called : The Glencar Escarpment and took us 4 1/2 hours.

Do you have Ireland Stories you would like to see on the Ireland Blog? Please let me know. Enjoy!

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"Hiking the Benbulben – Sligo" was published on November 13th, 2007 and is listed in Fun, Helpful, Photography, Travel.

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Comments on "Hiking the Benbulben – Sligo": 12 Comments

  1. Best Hiking Backpacks wrote,

    wow, really peaceful place

    nice photos, the mushroom macro is awesome

    that place really has to be amazing and it looks like a place where it’s foggy all the year

  2. Pappy Powell wrote,

    Okay, now I see why the tetanus shot was needed! Luckily it wasn’t the trauma unit for slipping on the gully. Beautiful pictures, there’s no place like Ireland for scenery!

  3. Mister Bigby wrote,

    Yeah Yeah…that looks likes the banks of the Little Darby Creek near Milford Center, OH. Maybe a little more elavation and sheer inpirational beauty. Goddam. Those pictures, more than any others, make me really wish I could go to Ireland. Now I can see how the great poets of the isle had material to work with.

  4. OSoNY wrote,

    Ack I’m homesick. That Ireland Blog TV of the Dublin parade had to have been shot from the roof at Trinity College. I recognize the view. That was pretty much the view from my window.

  5. ttomasso wrote,

    great! I must do it one day too! Anyway, ask any ordinary Porrick if this climb is possible, you’ll hear Noooo way, are you crazy?

  6. ireland blog wrote,


    LOL … some farmer guy saw us taking off our hiking shoes after the hike and was pretty impressed that we have been up there, he almost did not believe it.

  7. Tom wrote,

    Did you have any access problems on that side of the mountain? Or has that problem subsided a little?

  8. ireland blog wrote,

    I would say that this was the most dangerous hike I did while being in Ireland. So make sure to be in top form so you don’t lose your balance. It does get very exhausting but going up that gully is really exciting and worth it.

  9. Damien wrote,

    Hello there,

    Looks like to be a fun hike. Could you tell me how to get there, I mean, what’s the name of the nearest village.

    All the best,


  10. Cormac wrote,

    Oh, my God! If you turned your camera a bit to the left, my house would be in plain sight! AAAH! lol! <<< That’s been taken from my neighbour’s field!
    Hmm… It’s been exactly 364 days since there was a comment on this…. Should I wait to send this tomorrow?…

    Nah! =)

  11. Budget Stay in Sligo, Ireland: Yeats Village | Ireland Blog wrote,

    […] a great place to stay when exploring the Sligo area … for example hiking the Benbulben. Only 10 minutes drive from beaches, golf clubs, horse riding and the stunning scenery, which make […]

  12. Michael wrote,

    is any different way to bicycle to the top of benbulben ??

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