We are still discovering cool things nearby were we live. This post is about Claggan Point (near Bangor) which can only get reached by walking or by driving by car over the beach. Fun.

But first a nice shot of Doohooma point which is south of Gweesalia (Gaoth Saile):


And now the streets towards the beach to reach Claggan:


As you can see Claggan Point is just connected by a small strip of beach and dunes.


On the left is the more beautiful beach facing Achill Island:


In the distance you can see Achill.



That beach was awesome and there are tons of shells and weird things to find … like this:


Chucky liked it:


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"Claggan Point Ireland Mayo" was published on October 8th, 2007 and is listed in Photography, Travel.

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  1. Maya wrote,

    Hi. Im from Slovenia and me and my boyfriend are planing to move in some other country. We were thinking about Ireland to. So i found your blog and I have to say that is very good. I have some questions that i wantet you to ask.
    1. How is to live there?
    2. Is it hard to find job there? Are there good pays?
    3. How about the apartmans for rent? Price?
    4. Weather?

    Tnx for your time. If you would like to share some infos with me you can write me on my msn adress: pilotgirl21@hotmail.com

  2. ireland blog wrote,

    Ireland is a beautiful county with tons to do. If you like the outdoors, you are going to like it a lot. Be prepared though, things are more expensive. Especially alcohol 😉

    Not sure how the job situation is .. I am self employed but I have heard that you can find a job pretty easy, depends what job you are looking for.

    Rent can be fairly cheap if you decided to love outside the cities.

    Weather .. no comment!

  3. Mandie wrote,

    Love the picture of the fish! Cool!

    Re weather in Ireland, at least we get LOADS of beautiful rainbows…..

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