We had a very nice evening on last Wednesday, at first we went out for Indian food and the walked over to this great pub Bolg Bui (Yellow Bellow) on Emmet street. Located right on the River Moy with a beautiful view over it.


And on the way back we got to see a full moon right above the Ballina church.



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"Full Moon over Ballina" was published on October 1st, 2007 and is listed in Food and Drink, Photography.

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Comments on "Full Moon over Ballina": 2 Comments

  1. Symone wrote,

    wow, the picture with the fish is amazing!!!!!

  2. Gary Clyne wrote,

    I nearly wet myself listening to the St Patrick’s Day Parade commentary from the guy. The woman was so good to keep it together while letting jhim hang himself. there is a parody move called Best In Show and I thought he walked straght from the set of that! Regards Gary

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