Went went to the Lacken Strand Horse Races .. I think it was 3 weeks ago. As you can see the horse race is right on the beach … well it’s more like a little bay which gets flooded when it’s high tide.

It was a beautiful but very windy day. Can’t wait for the race next year.

The Lacken strand races were revived in 1997 after a 44 year lapse, carrying on a century old tradition of horse racing on Lacken Strand. The last recorded races in 1953 were very different to the modern day races now held there. In 1953, horses would gather from the surrounding parishes. These mainly consisted of Connemara ponies and working farm horses which were Irish Draught and Half Bred in the main. Today’s racing is far removed to that of the 50’s with the horses and ponies being all thoroughbred and most of them coming from the top stables and the leading bloodlines in the country. Due to the ever-changing tidal conditions, the races take place towards the end of May each year.








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"Lacken Strand Horse Race Mayo" was published on June 16th, 2007 and is listed in Fun, Photography, Travel.

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  1. damien melia wrote,

    can ya send me all the photos of the racing yesterday which was 17-05-09.or the website they whould be on thanks.

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