When we went toAran Island couple of weeks ago, you probably remember that we missed the first ferry .. to cover the 3 hours wait for the next one we went to have breakfast and some time on the awesome coral beach in Carreroe.

Maerl beaches, the cast-up remains of coralline algae, are a stunningly beautiful feature of some parts of the west of Ireland. This beach (left) is at An CheathrĂș Rua (Carreroe), Co. Galway about 25 miles west of Galway city. Frequently called "Coral Strands" or "Coral Beaches" they have nothing to do with animal corals but are the remains of seaweeds that grow in detached, rock-like growths in the subtidal. These beaches are a unique part of our natural heritage and no such material such be removed; in fact it is illegal to remove any material from Irish beaches.

Source: Seaweed


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"Coral Beach/Strand Carreroe" was published on May 20th, 2007 and is listed in Bizarre.

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