Today I am taking you to Inishmore the largest island of the Aran Islands group near Galway.


From Ros a Mhil Quay you can choose from 2 Ferry Companies "Aran Island Ferries" and "Aran Islands Direct". There are also Ferries leaving from Galway. The ride from Ros a Mhil to Inishmore takes an hour and costs 25 Euros per Adult. It’s worth going for just one day but try to catch the earliest Ferry out. But if you can stay over night or even longer – pubs stay open as long as they want since there is no police on the Island to shut down places. And if there is police on one of the ferries the whole Island will know to behave.


To get around on the Island we chose to bike (10 Euro for one day if you are a group of 4 or more you can maybe talk to them to get a rebate – There are couple of rental places where you can ask) but you also can hop on one of those horse carriages or take a Mini Bus Tour.


Most Impressive are the cliffs at Dun Aonghase Fort … more images:





This dude just couldn’t believe the Island’s beauty.


Just in case you were wondering.


We only had a few hours because we missed the early ferry .. Driving on Irish Roads can be a little stretchy ;) But we still deserved a Guinness right before we left.


More Info: Official Aran Islands Site

Wiki: Aran Islands


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"Aran Islands – Inishmore / Oileáin Árann – Inis Mór" was published on May 11th, 2007 and is listed in Photography, Travel.

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Comments on "Aran Islands – Inishmore / Oileáin Árann – Inis Mór": 10 Comments

  1. Titus wrote,

    I definitely want to go and see this on my next trip to Ireland ! A must ! Absolutely. Gorgeous pictures as always ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. ireland blog wrote,

    Thank you Titus .. it’s fun to start the weekend with a compliment 😉

  3. islander wrote,

    Hi. Your comment, “pubs stay open as long as they want since there is no police on the Island to shut down places. And if there is police on one of the ferries the whole Island will know to behave” is slightly misleading to say the least. Your photos are mostly (if not all) of Inis Mór, where there are 2/3 resident gardai 365 days a year. Pubs close regular hours, except for special occasions where they may stay open slightly longer.
    Enjoy our island but please don’t perpetuate the highly romantisised image of free range islanders dancing at the crossroads. 🙂

  4. ireland blog wrote,


    thank you very much for the comment .. I thought I read that about Inis Mor. But was probably an other Island. Oh well.

    Do you live on Inis Mor?

  5. Islander wrote,

    Originally from there but living on the ‘mainland’ at the moment. You could well have read that about Inis Mór but the author(s) were probably going on wishful thinking rather than fact! Love the photos, by the way.

  6. ireland blog wrote,

    Thank you for the compliment … if you ever have the urge to share a story or photos … you are free to post them here.

    For example your favorite pub … 😉

  7. Islander wrote,


  8. Baby75 wrote,

    I was just wondering was it only a day trip you went on or did you stay over night i am planning on spending a few days there before we go to Australia want to see a bit more of the home land before we go
    been looking at some B&B and read some reviews they were a mixed bag so any recommendations.
    love the pictures they are brill have you been to Achill yet its beautiful just spent a week there and i hate being home!

  9. ireland blog wrote,


    we had only couple of hours on Inish More, we missed the first ferry so we had to take the one at noon. What a bummer. But going there is totally worth it and if you stay couple of days you can explore the other Islands.

    Achill is awesome as well .. we did that Hike:

    If you have any stories you would like to share … let me know 🙂

  10. james t neelon wrote,

    just trying to see anything about my famely tree, my grandfather was from Mayo Irland ( McMugire)

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