We live in Ireland now for 6 month and we were hoping to find someone by then who would like to watch our cute little French Bulldog Girl once in a while. No she is not a fight dog. French Bulldogs are somewhat rare out here and we get the funniest reactions from people. On the one side … really, really scared (we have seen Chucky make grown up men jump just buy looking at her) and on the other people being very fascinated by her looks.

Anyway – we travel pretty often and we would like to find someone in Mayo-Sligo-Westport-Ballina even Dublin or Shannon (Airport ;) ) who would like to take care of our dog. We would of course pay your or watch your dog in return.

Why not just put her in Kennel? Well … she is not a Kennel dog at all and I would not enjoy my travelling imaging her being in one.

And she is well behaved and house trained ;) .. of course

If you know someone please forward that entry …

Thank you all for reading.


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"Dogsitter in Ireland / Mayo" was published on March 22nd, 2007 and is listed in Helpful, Pet.

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Comments on "Dogsitter in Ireland / Mayo": 12 Comments

  1. Bob wrote,

    Geez! I miss my frenchie now 🙁 I moved to Ireland 2 years ago and left Diesel with my parents. Only get to see him in my holidays when I go back home 🙂
    Don’t put het in a kennel, bring her to Dublin if you have to 😉

  2. ireland blog wrote,

    Wow .. thanks Bob for the fast response! I feel now that there are actually people reading my Ireland Blog 😉

    Where is your dog? From where did you move?

    Leaving Chucky with my mom was an option as well. My mom would have loved it. But I could have not done it.

    Instead I am flying her out from Germany to watch her for 2 weeks in June.

    If it really comes down to it I will get in touch with you .. Thank you very much again!

    Any pics of Diesel online?

  3. Bob wrote,

    He’s in Holland 🙂 I’m sure I have some pics online somewhere….

  4. ireland blog wrote,

    It breaks my heart … cute!

  5. Bob wrote,

    oh, change your About page 😛

  6. Bobby wrote,

    Hi, could anyone tell me, is it possible to buy a French Bulldog in Ireland, I live in Ennis, co.clare, my girlfriend and i saw one of these beautiful little fellas, in san francisco, and fell in love with him straight away, I’d love to get one for us, but have had no luck in finding breeders in Ireland, any help or advice appreciated, thanks Bobby..

  7. ireland blog wrote,

    Hello Bobby,

    thank you for stopping buy … unfortunately there are non as far as I know .. the owners of Rosa
    did some research.

    If you want a puppy French Bulldog you closest bet will be finding a breeder in the UK.

    Let us know if you found out something else.

  8. edgar fitzsimons wrote,

    hi all
    i am a french bulldog breeder and i sometimes breed to show
    and pet fireside homes only .
    if anybody would like any information on french buldogs
    please e mail
    and i will do all i can to help
    I live with my frenchies in Dublin

  9. ireland blog wrote,

    Hello Edgar .. sweet …. do you have any pictures or a website you can share with us.

  10. Baraa wrote,

    Hi Edgar…. I live in Dublin as well. My frenchie is back home (Czech Rep.)he wasn’t fit to travel 🙁 I wish I could buy a puppy here…. anyone know anybody here in Ireland?

  11. Frenchie wrote,

    Damn, he’s grubbin’

  12. Frenchie Tink wrote,

    He’s making that crab look so good.

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