I have been living now in Ireland for over 6 month and I still didn’t really figure out how to tip without giving it away that I am not from here.

When do Irish tip and how much?

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"How to tip in Ireland?" was published on March 6th, 2007 and is listed in Helpful.

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  1. James Corbett wrote,

    There is no culture of tipping in Ireland – that’s why we get so confused when we go abroad. A price is a price…. why should there be haggling and tipping? 😉

  2. Ireland BLog wrote,

    That’s what I was thinking. But when you read travel guides they do say to tip in restaurants (they don’t mean pubs with restaurants – but what do they consider a resaturants?) and cab drivers.

  3. Aldram wrote,

    Don’t agree with tipping. I rarely tip, but notice it seems to be getting more popular.

  4. The Cat wrote,

    Tipping in Ireland: Tip 12.5% for good service. Do NOT tip for poor service. Before tipping ensure that a service charge is not included on your bill. You tip waiting staff only (not barstaff etc).

  5. Macoosh wrote,

    I always tip because I’m american and I find the person who i tip is always shocked. oh well, i guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! 🙂

    nice blog; i moved here in sept. i’ll add you to my blogroll so i can stop by more often and direct traffic here. i’d love for you to stop by my blog and say hello.

    have a great day!

  6. Jesse wrote,

    Hey guys,

    I lived in Dublin for four months and here’s what I discovered: In general, tipping AT ALL in restaurants and bars just isn’t expected…much less required.

    A good friend of mine tried to tip a bartender at a pub an extra dollar, and the bartender literally tracked him down and gave it back saying, “You gave me an extra dollar.”

    I never tip in Dublin unless I’m exceptionally impressed with the service. In situations like that, it’s just a nice thing to do no matter what the usual custom.

    Good luck with your trip!


  7. Symone wrote,

    Felt the same when I moved here a few months ago. Tipping is not required but I still think you should do it, especially for a good service. And its not easy to work in the customer service, anyway…

  8. Fiona wrote,

    I’m actually Irish, and I would say that tipping is expected in restaurants at least – I always leave 10 – 15 percent, unless the service has been atrocious. If it’s only been adequate, 10 percent, if great, I increase it. Unless of course there is a service charge included, in which case sod it. In bars, it’s customary to tip lounge staff a euro or two when they bring your drinks to the table, but not those working behind the bar. If a bartender is particularly nice to you and you want to tip, add in “one for yourself” to the last round you order, i.e. inviting the bartender to enjoy a drink when the shift is over, on you. Otherwise, leave a fiver on the bar and say “have one yourself” or something. Taxi drivers don’t expect tips, but hairdressers might, unless they are salon owners.

  9. Nancy wrote,

    Good to know, thanks for the tips!!!! 🙂 will be in Ire before i know it!

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