Update: Just wrote a new entry on how to get a Wii in Ireland for the xmas shopping season 207.
Where to buy?

If you are hoping to buy the spanking new Nintendo Wii and have it shipped before Xmas … you can basicly forget about it.

Why is it always like that? Nintendo should know that the demand is huge, especially right before christmas.

But I figured out 2 ways how to get your fingers on the Wii.

1. Ebay.ie – They actually have a bunch of the selling there – but of course you do have to shell out more than the actual retailer price… LINK

2. Amazon Germany Dealers still have them in stock – there it’s the same … more expensive than the suggested retailer price.

Any other ways?

I did option number 2 … and have it shipped to my mom in Germany .. since they won’t ship directly to Ireland.

Good Luck!

Info:The Wii is a video game system that no one will forget.

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"Where to buy Wii – Ireland?" was published on December 9th, 2006 and is listed in Games, Shopping.

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Comments on "Where to buy Wii – Ireland?": 5 Comments

  1. James Corbett wrote,

    Hmmm, my nephew had no problem getting his Wii in Limerick this week. Although I believe he may have had it booked.

  2. Irelandblog wrote,

    Hello James .. great to see you reading the Ireland Blog.

    It must have been prebooked… people just laughed directly in our face when we asked for the nintendo wii … they are all gone for before xmas, as far as I can tell.

  3. James Corbett wrote,

    “they are all gone for before xmas, as far as I can tell.”

    Nah, na, na, na, nah! 😉

    Just teasing! Yes, I’ve been subscribed to the new blog since the start – keep it up!

  4. Wii in Ireland wrote,

    Here’s a nifty little site I found that tracks Wii availability in Ireland:


  5. xxxxxx wrote,

    they are for sale in game stop in cavan town i bought one this morning

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