Out here in the north west of county Mayo I really find it hard to go grocery shopping – everything is pretty expensive (well, I know .. nobody asked me to move on an Island) but still – most of the time the stuff you can buy is not worth that much money.

The day I found out that there is a Lidl near by – I almost cried. A Lidl? Drule!

It’s not like Lidl is anything great but you can buy cheap wine and all the basics there are really cheap and their selection of vegetables are not bad either. And over 80% of the products I am familiar with, since Lidl is a German company. My tip though: stay away from the fresh meat – this is just my opinion.

The Lidl I go to is always empty, almost no lines! The ones in Germany are always totally over run. And I always wonder why not more people shop at Lidl here.. there are barely an Irish shopping there … mostly foreigners and even some Germans!

That’s why Lidl makes me feel like at home 🙂

I subscribed to the Lidl Newsletter – and twice a week I get the latest products and they do have great stuff…


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"Lidl makes me feel like home" was published on December 1st, 2006 and is listed in Shopping.

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Comments on "Lidl makes me feel like home": 3 Comments

  1. Diana wrote,

    that must be me- the German shopping in that Lidl 😉 ..and buying as well cheap (red) wine… 🙂
    Next time you notice a German in Lidl, say Hello might be me 🙂

    By the way, great site you have. Really enjoyed browsing through.

    Big HELLO from here over the Bay to you!


  2. ireland blog wrote,

    Guten Tag Diana,

    I can see Enniscrone from my office window …. So a big Hello back to you.

    Are you going to the Lidl in Ballina as well.

    My favorite Lidl wine is out of stock .. The Shiraz. What a bummer. What wine do you drink? Willing to try other good Lidl wines.. lol.

  3. Trevor wrote,

    Hi ireland blog,

    For a minute there I thought you might be working for Lidl 🙂
    I think that one of the reasons Irish people do not shop at there is because the product descriptions are in German (yes I know it is against EU regulations but…). This also sound stupid but I heard an older local person here in Enniscrone saying that the would not buy “German” meat or drink “German” milk – perhaps Lidl should advertise there Irish Suppliers :-). Remember customers do not like change, and that is exactly what Lidl is offering!!! Lidl is a very different format shop than Dunnes or Tesco.

    Personally… I love the place and I am 100000% sure that the Irish will learn to love them too.

    PS. the Lidl Chianti is very good.

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