You are planning on taking your pet (dog or cat) to Ireland?

It takes time and money to do so – Ireland makes it pretty hard but good news – there is no Quarantine required (at least for pets from Europe) if you are on this list.

You need at least 7 month before you want to depart to Ireland and this is what you (well the Vet) need(s) to do? And has to be done in this order!!!

  • Your pet needs an EU Passport / Veterinary Certificate (passport) if from outside of the EU but on that list above
  • Fist thing the dog needs to get microchiped and the number needs to be written in that Passport. Ask your vet to check the micro chipi if it works just for double checking. The chipping needle looks horrorfying but the animal won’t even feel a thing if vet is doing it right
  • Same day your dog gets the rabies shot which needs also get recorded in that passport with a small sticker which comes with the shot packaging
  • A month later your pet has to go to the vet again for a blood test. Mark down this date because exactly 6 month later you are allowed to travel to Ireland. This blood test is necessary to proof that your pet has rabies anti bodies.
  • When your vet gets the blood test results back they need to be written down in the passport by the vet and keep a copy of the results in the passport!
  • The pet must be treated for tick and tapeworm between 24 and 48 hours before departure and the time and date of treatment must be entered on the passport – again … this has to be done by a vet!

Well done and if you made it this far you have around 150 Euros less in your pockets.

So now your pet is basically ready to go but an other major problem is how to get your pet over to Ireland.

Well … I would recommend to travel with an approved carrier.. here is a list.

If you travel with a non approved carrier things will get much more complicated and will cost you more as well … read here for further information.

If you travel from Europe take the ferry – we did this and yes is was horrible (17 hours in that kennel) The Ferry kennel cost us €40 extra but on the Ferry they told us that we could have left our dog in the car. You need to call the Ferry company and tell them that you are taking a pet – ask them too if you also could leave the pet in the car.

Once you arrived to Ireland via an approved Ferry you will get send to a vet in the port to have an additional check of the papers and the pet.

All done 🙂

Here is a picture of our dog after the torture.

Resources on how to travel with a pet to Ireland:

Dept of Agriculture

Was it worth it? Yeah …. our dog was a city dog and she loves going now to the beach here- she is a much happier dog now!

Have you been traveling with a pet to Ireland? If so, send me some pics and your story .. I will post’ em!

Also feel free to comment if I didn’t get the facts right…

Please keep in mind that this is only how it worked for us and just to give you an idea what you have to deal with up front. Please do your very own research and ask your vet. I can’t be held responsible if you followed my steps and you won’t get granted into Ireland with your pet.

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"Taking your pet to Ireland" was published on November 10th, 2006 and is listed in Pet, Rights & Law.

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